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Apartment 26 - Hallucinating (2000) - Hallucinating

Apartment 26
Hallucinating (2000)

Who are you? Who are you? I don't know
Turn my back, turn my back, then I'll see you
Never seen, never seen, like a sixth sense
Who am I tonight?
Coloured lights, doubted twice, resurrected
In my mind, countless signs, misleading
As I pass, see the last, ever changing
Lifted up, interrupt, all knowing

Something in my head - Telling me to feel like this
Something in my mind - Wanting my to think like this

I can feel, I can feel, feel your presense
Good or bad, good or bad, nothing to me
Come to me, come to me, truest comfort
Who am I tonight?
Peeling glass, feel the past, never ending
Feel my hands, cross the lands, revealing
Morphing eyes, true disguise, while predicting
Passing time, come to mind, all showing

Who am I supposed to be, If I don't know who I am
If I don't trust in myself to be what I am supposed to be

What are we, what are we, mental mischief
Too alive, too alive, never living
Coming down, coming down, living 2-D
Who was I last night?
Waking up to a world non existing
Shake your head, wake the dead from sleeping
Positive, negative, come to find out
Just as real as it feels, it's growing




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