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Antidote - Back in year zero (2003) - Riot in the city

Riot in the city
Back in year zero (2003)

I'm clicking the remote
But there's nothing on tv
I wanna have some action
So I go out on the streets
People stare at me
They give me angry eyes
I'm the only punk in town
And again i realise

It's quiet in the city
It's quiet in my town
See the people laughing
Cos I'm the only one around

What happened to punk?
People think i am a clown
If there were just a few more punx
They wouldn't stare and frown
I spray "punk" on a wall
They won't get me on my knees
I'll show that punk is in this town
A shame the only punk is me....

Today i saw some new punx
How happy can i be
A new generation
The start of a new scene?
We've got to go togehter
I'm sure we'll get along
Now i'm sure that i was right
Punk wil never end

Now there is a riot
a riot in the city
Now there is a riot
a riot in my town




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