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Anniversary, The

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Your Majesty (2002)
Song [11] Video Rating
Sweet Marievideoklip2.9
Crooked Crownvideoklip2.7
Peace, Pain And Regret2.7
Husam Husam2.9
The Siren Sings2.8
To Never Die Young2.7
Tu-Whitt To-Whoo3.1
Ghost Of The River2.6
Devil On My Side2.7
The Death Of The King2.7
Follow The Sun3.1
Design A Nervous Breakdown
Song [10] Video Rating
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter2.9
All Things Ordinaryvideoklip2.8
The D In Detroit2.5
Emma Discovery2.7
Shu Shubat3
Till We Earned A Holiday2.7
Without Panasos2.8
Hart Crane3
Outro In No Minor2.8

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