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Annie - Anniemal (2005) - Me Plus One

Me Plus One
Anniemal (2005)

/>It's time to tell my story
of a girl I used to know
always cried into her pillow
under pin-ups on the wall
She didn't make Italia Conte
Didn't get that TV show
then a nice man said he'd help her
with a new portfolio

Missus B Missus E Missus A-U-T
Missus I Missus F-U-L
I'm gonna reach the top
I ain't ever gonna stop
and I'm sure gonna ring your bell
Missus D Missus I Missus F-F-I
Missus C Missus U-L-T
If ever there's a girl
that could rock your world
then that girl sure is me

So the fun won't start 'til she's living it up
feeling good on top of the pops
when you make it me plus one
Dress falls down at the aftershow
She breaks down on the video
Think you'll find it's me plus one

(verse 2)
Now this wannabe seńorita
Met a group of likely girls
Traded posters and the voxpops
For jetting round the world
But it didn't make her happy
And now she flies alone
The wrong pictures in the paper
And no one back at home


(middle 8)
People around you
Won't tell you how it is
Don't you think it's gone on long enough?
Take a look at yourself
Get out of the car
You know it's time
You've got to let it go
It's gone

(chorus x2)




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