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Ancient - Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends (1997) - Blackeyes

Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends (1997)

A beginning brings forth questions.

Answered are these with lie upon web.

Shiver, does the child draped in it's disgrace.

The web grows like a poisonous vine fed by storybook filth, tangling it's hypocritical mass around the throat of human instinct like a self-perpetuating noose.

The one dangling in rage, refusing to choke, gains a dagger to sever all ties to the vine of self-deceit. Consuming the melody of shrieking horror...the blade penetrates as he becomes in harmony with his action. The constant twilight of the forbidden is unveiled, revealing darkness to be ravished forever by the intellect of BLACKEYES.

Disgusted by the pathetic pleading swollen holes of the "holy"


Prepared to protect any path he hath chosen.


Contempt for all benevolent spinners now clinging to the vine.


Lift your sword, slice the vine. Feast on pleasure, swim in life's wine. Take your vengeance now and rise, torment those who fear BLACKEYES

All who waste life on bended knees are begging for death to take them, so be it go humbly to your god in white. Look to my Blackeyes for a reflection of your fright.

Run christian soldier, for our army approaches!

Smile christian daughters for the snapshot of your annihilation.

Know this slaves of christ. Our pulse quickens with the thought of your death. Prey pawns on your knees! Prey to the god you fear to protect you!

Blackeyes bring forth hell inside catacombs of a web now sighing with the weight of helo's drenched in blood of a million spinners.

Join us little children, or be sent to your empty promise land in tears of RED

Lift your sword, slice the vine. Feast on pleasure, drink life's wine. Take your vengeance now and rise, torment those who fear BLACKEYES.

What be is FREE
Join us little children before it's to late, and we shall send you in tears of red straight to heaven's gate.




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