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Ancient - Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends (1997) - A Mad blood Scenario

A Mad blood Scenario
Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends (1997)

Gaze into my broken eyes, where laughter and sorrow collide. Scattered are the pieces which time forgot. See the cracked mirror walls, emerald mist flowing down the halls. Shattered pieces of a forgotten puzzle. Feel the shaking of my room, welcome to my most humble tomb. Lay your head upon the crimson velvet pillow. Relax as I tell you a tale when lunacy reigned and madness prevailed. Long nailed fingers run through silken hair. Our poison tongues now dance, wet with entrancing liquors. We drown in burnin
g ecstasy, but you seek something more than this. Tonight another looking glass will crack. My promises too broken, did you believe what I've spoken? The echoes shall splinter your mind like they did mine. Prepare my darling, for the nocturnal wedding.

(Solo - Aphazel)

Gaze into my broken eyes where a deranged love rises, to greet your lovelorn flesh. Hallucinating like undead shamans, You feel the rapturous sting of first death and collapse into lonely arms. Look now with night piercing eyes, not quite broken, but time shall remedy. Lick my blood-soaked lips once more, taste the stain of wondrous insanity. The constant shrieking in your mind drives you crazy. Yes, my darling, I can hear it too. The answers you seek lie in the reflection. Be still, allow the images to ca
ress you, here everything is upside down. Cackling like undead hyenas, you feel the boggling slap of dementia and collapse into delighted arms.

My little pet, how foolish you've become. Yesterday's sweet dedications of love are part of an infantile dream fading fast. You raise your vampyrie eyes to consume my heart. But since it's been viciously torn apart, you see, a time will fortunately come when you realize our kind cannot stomach `togetherness', for love is but an arduous game mortals play. So from this day you are mine, to be my immortal concubine.


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