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American Head Charge - The War Of Art (2001) - Reach And Touch

Reach And Touch
American Head Charge
The War Of Art (2001)

I've seen it turn from white to red
and I've heard you talk about how
you bleed and it doesn't mean shit
until I see some action a hint of
rose and a mountain of garbage
leaves me for dead nothing drags me from
breaking myself
breaking myself to try to keep everyone
from walking over me
smell the burning wreckage of even you
all of your perfection let's get inside
the bag turn it 180 degrees
forget we even met because it all comes
down to this the good ones always
leave in the end
(chorus 2x)
I see the world and it all looks blue
I kiss the world and it all tastes true
the blurry eyes make me appealing
in a normal fashion another two or three
and you will become very friendly
your liquidation is a siren song
you swim I follow I'm feeling my head sink
so as to reach and touch what hurts me
still I try to reach and touch what hurts me.




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