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Amanda Palmer

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Theatre Is Evil (2012)
Song [15] Video Rating
Meow Meow Introduces the Grand Theft Orchestravideoklip1.5
Smile (Pictures or It Didn't Happen)1.6
The Killing Type1.8
Do It with a Rockstarvideoklip1.7
Want It Back1.6
Grown Man Cryvideoklip1.8
Trout Heart Replica1.7
A Grand Theft Intermission1.6
The Bed Song1.7
Massachusetts Avenue1.6
Melody Dean1.6
Olly Olly Oxen Free1.7
Who Killed Amanda Palmer (2008)
Song [12] Video Rating
Runs In The Familyvideoklip1.8
Leeds Unitedvideoklip2
Blake Saysvideoklip1.7
Strength Through Musicvideoklip1.8
Guitar Hero1.8
Have to Drivevideoklip1.7
What's the Use of Wondrin'videoklip1.6
The Point of if Allvideoklip1.8
Another Year1.6

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