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Alicia Keys

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Girl On Fire (2012)
Song [15] Video Rating
De Novo Adagio (Intro)0
Brand New Me0
When It's All Over0
Listen to Your Heart0
New Dayvideoklip2
Girl On Fire (Inferno Version)videoklip1.7
Fire We Make (with Maxwell)0
Tears Always Win0
Not Even the Kingvideoklip1.9
That's When I Knew0
One Thing0
Girl On Fire (Japanese bonus track)1.7
Girl On Fire (Bluelight Version) (Japanese bonus track)0
The Element Of Freedom (2009)
Song [14] Video Rating
The Element of Freedom (Intro)videoklip1.6
Love Is Blindvideoklip1.7
Doesn’t Mean Anything1.5
Try Sleeping with a Broken Heartvideoklip1.5
Wait Til You See My Smile1.5
That’s How Strong My Love Isvideoklip1.5
Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)videoklip1.6
Love Is My Diseasevideoklip1.6
Like the Sea1.5
Put It in a Love Song featuring Beyoncévideoklip1.6
This Bedvideoklip1.5
Distance and Time1.5
How It Feels to Fly1.5
Empire State of Mind (Part II)videoklip1.7
As I Am (2007)
Song [14] Video Rating
As I Am (Intro)videoklip1.8
Go Aheadvideoklip1.9
No Onevideoklip2.3
Like You'll Never See Me Againvideoklip1.8
Lesson Learnedvideoklip1.9
Wreckless Love1.6
The Thing About Lovevideoklip2
Teenage Love Affairvideoklip1.8
I Need Youvideoklip1.9
Where Do We Go From Herevideoklip1.9
Prelude To A Kiss1.9
Tell You Something (Nana's Reprise)1.5
Sure Looks Good To Mevideoklip1.7
The Diary Of Alicia Keys (2003)
Song [16] Video Rating
Harlem's Nocturnevideoklip1.5
If I Was Your Woman/Walk On By1.5
U Don't Know My Namevideoklip1.4
If I Ain't Got Youvideoklip1.7
Dragon Daysvideoklip1.5
Wake Up1.4
So Simplevideoklip1.4
When You Really Love Someonevideoklip1.3
Feeling U, Feeling Me (Interlude)videoklip1.5
Slow Downvideoklip1.6
Samsonite Manvideoklip1.5
Nobody Not Reallyvideoklip1.5
Streets Of New Yorkvideoklip1.6
Songs In A Minor (2001)
Song [16] Video Rating
Piano & I (Interlude)videoklip1.5
How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore1.4
Rock With U1.4
A Woman's Worthvideoklip1.5
Jane Doevideoklip1.5
The Lifevideoklip1.5
Never Felt This Way (Interlude)1.5
Why Do I Feel So Sadvideoklip1.4
Caged Birdvideoklip1.6
Lovin' You1.6

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