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Al Green

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Lay It Down (2008)
Song [12] Video Rating
Lay It Downvideoklip1.7
Just for Mevideoklip1.8
You've Got the Love I Need1.6
No One Like You1.6
What More Do You Want from Me1.6
Take Your Time1.6
Too Much1.6
Stay With Me (By the Sea)0
All I Need1.7
I'm Wild About You1.6
Standing In the Rain1.6
Wanna Say0
Everything's OK (2005)
Song [12] Video Rating
Everything's OK0
You Are So Beautiful0
Build Me Up0
Perfect To Me1.6
Nobody But You1.6
Real Love0
I Can Make Music0
Be My Baby0
Magic Road0
I Wanna Hold You0
Another Day0
All The Time0
Let's Stay Together (1972)
Song [9] Video Rating
Let's Stay Togethervideoklip1.6
La-La For You1.6
So You're Leaving0
What Is This Feelingvideoklip1.7
Old Time Lovin'videoklip1.6
I've Never found A Girl (Who Loves Me Like You Do0
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?1.6
It Ain't No Fun To Me1.5

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