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Al Dhábba, Gába - Contra Factum (2006) - Stará čundračka

Stará čundračka
Al Dhábba, Gába
Contra Factum (2006)

In the middle age of my wellbeing
* When I get used to
private watching the ceiling *
When I was thrown back to my
own resource * And let things
take their own course *
He stepped over my retiring
border * Ruined a strictly
established order * Settled
in my personal zone * Saying
`don�t let me be on my own`
* He whispered *
Stand with me in my shoes *
Dance with me our first blues
* Only with you I wanna wake
up * And I will never let it
break up *
I didn�t know what he was like
* It was hard to answer * Is it
wise to leave my loneliness to
be his dancer * I obeyed the
throbbing within * And slowly
fell in love with him *
The chord we created still
lingers * I`ll never let him slip
through my fingers * He removed
my timid veil * Stirred up
the lovesick female *
Be with me when the Sun
will rise * In the course of
sleepless night * And never
let me stay * In the middle of
nowhere *
U give me more * Than I�ve
ever looked for * All affections
I earn I gladly return * U give
me more and more * Teach
me how to adore *


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