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Aiden - Nightmare Anatomy (2005) - [Untitled]

Nightmare Anatomy (2005)


Vivid life like terrifying dreams and call the dreamer of the Dead.
Chased for the light by the unknown during which the dream increases.
Blood pumps. Temperature rises.
The episode is common with the innocent children, like
following the traumatic events such as death or demise.
Rare cases require treatment and some go through for fear of all fears.
A subconscious mind. A dark room. In which these images are developed.
It is then they realize. Conscious mind abuses it.
Subconscious mind usually events before it takes place.
Reflectively without knowing. Angers most. Jealousy. Hatred.
Even desire to hurt others.
Emotions storm to subtle impressions giving birth to tendencies.
To churning character. And deranged individuals.
Every violent crime has lurked in us since the beginning
as we rise to meet the light of a new day. Like in a nightmare.




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