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Agony - ...from Red Heaven (1997) - When Moon´s Dying... Your Beauty Fades

When Moon´s Dying... Your Beauty Fades
...from Red Heaven (1997)

Pass Through A Gate
Gate Of Your Life
All The Way
To Limit Of Time
- To Limit Of Time
Look! A New World
A New Land Hails You
An Unrecognazing Opens
A Scalding Arms
- A Scalding Arms
The Secret Voice
A Choir Of Endless Distance
Transfer To Mystery Of Stars
And See - Their Hidden Magics
A Freedom And Passion
A Passion Which Is Offered
With Smells Of Wild Colours
Of Longed-For Desires
Of Longed-For Dreams

As The Storm Light Your Way
Leave The Empire Of Shadows Forever
She Is Sleeping In Your Mind
So Wake Vp Your Eyes
And Start To Fly For A Calling Of The Soul
Fast Like A Puls In Your Veins

Don't Look Back
Back To The Past
It's Fading So Slowly
In The Maze Of Happiness
A Smell Of Sudden Death
In The End Of Your Way
Welcome To The Paradise
Which You Always Sighed

Rejoice - Any Candle Won't Burn Forever
In The Disclosuring Kingdom
Where The Pain's Calming Down
Bitter Tears Grow Sweet Like
Tones Of Fantastic Melodies
Floading Eyes Of Longings
With A Tension Are Awakening Her Entry

My Queen Of The Night I Pray To You
I'm Bowing To You I Kneell Before You
My Occasion Has Come
I Beseech For Salvation & Redeeming
Forgive Me Accept My Grief
And Save My Damned Soul

So Lonely In Myself
And You're My Faith
Lost In Sinner's Circle
Elevate Me Please Overr All

Excited Body By Imaginary Ardent Pleasure
Acceleraffng Breath
In Deep Coma Of Love
Fall To Ground To The Gorge
Full Of Glowing Lava
With A Tender Song Of Her Eager Lips
Honey-moon In Holy Ectasy

Gloria Gloria Salve Materi Noxe Gloria

Almighty Kill The Time
Live With This While Forever
Why Has It Finish By Victims In Oblivion
Dead Silence Feel Last Touch Of Her Face
With Eternal Charm
Win Of Sadness Braids Her Hair
Far Away So Far Away
Off Your Cold Hands

Fly My Memories High and High
Fly Night Beauty High a High
Fly My Memories Fly a Dive
Dive Night Beauty In My Mind
Stay In My Mind & Sleep


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