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Agony - Call the Rain (2003) - From Dusk till Dawn

From Dusk till Dawn
Call the Rain (2003)

My Super Lover!!! Come On

I'm So Alone
But I Still Remember...
How It Was Beautiful To Love
Why I Couldn't Relish It Before...
I Kiss You...

Too Many Blind Years
Lost In The Fog-bound
Till This While
When I?ve Seen Your Smile
My Soul Was Frozen
But Now Heart?s Broken
It's Bleeding

The Affection Hurts
So Painful
Next Time Full Of Euphoria
It's Amazing
I Can Open My Eyes
And Feel What I?ve Forgotten
In The Past

Do You Remember?
Encounter Of Glances, Sweet Tones
And Too Many Drinks
Quicken Breath Of Night
When Drunk Thoughts've
Overgrown To Something
What Nobody From Us Awaited
I Hear Again Murmur Of The Forest
It Whispers Still Your Name
Allure Of Hot Days
Of Shy Longins And Passions
Once More I Want To Go
Through The Light Town
To Feel Absolute Eternity
To Run Down Tears Of Endless Fortune

From Dusk Till Dawn
All The Time You Will Be Mine

Sometimes, I Feel Like I Don?t Know
But Sometimes I Know
That I Have To Go
To See Your Beautiful Face Again
To Hear Your Sweet Voice...
To Take Your Magic Hands,
To Kiss Your Eager Lips...
You Are My Power,
Blood For My Pain
What I Need For My Life...
Thanks For Everything...
But Please Forgive Me...

I?ve Heard The Whispering
Voice From Paradise
We?re Slaves Of Love
Of Self Unknown Ways
With Only One Desire
To Go On

Enigmatic Constellation
Delegation From Moon
Revelation Of Love, Oh God
Don?t Let To Die A Dream
Inside Of Me
Inside Of You

Come On Baby,
Listen To Me Now...

Fly My Angel
Fly, Fly Away
I Was Waiting For This Time
To Walk The Last Way

Fly My Angel
Fly, Fly Away
Light My Way,
My Wondering's So Faraway

Fly My Angel
Fly, Fly Away
You Are My Way,
Heaven's Still Faraway

Fly My Honey With Me,
Fly To Hide Away
Sun Promised Me
To See Another Day




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