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Agony - Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust (1999) - Trilogy of Doom: Chapter of Salvation

Trilogy of Doom: Chapter of Salvation
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust (1999)

Magic Smell Of Bloody Paradise
Opens Me The Gates
Of Your Endless Rooms
Your Love Pure Like Bodies Of
Them Which Are Going To Be Born
It's My Redeeming From The
Wringing Of Handcuffs Of Matter

You've Given Me
A Grave Of My Dreams
A Grave Of Another Hero
Whre With The Sunfall There's
Going Only Cooldness
Only - Cooldnes - Of Desolate - Side

My Soul Is Still Full
Of Earthly Litanies
It's Tormenting My Mind
And Spreads A Smell Of Damp
Walls And Priceless Altars
In The Fusty Saint Temples

Your Kindom - My Lady
Is Freedom For Me
From Agony Of This Old World
All What I Was Run
Aground Of Grave
Bury In Cold And Darkness

I am Asking For My Life
About The Secrets Of Death
I am Asking For Blinds
About The Colour Of The World
I'm Dying To Live

The World Hankers For The Gold & Blood
It's Afraid Of Looking To Your Eyes
It Doesn't Suspect The Are Full Of Hopes
In Their Interior
Where The Space & Time
Are Losing The Sense

I'm Part Of Your Endless Empire
And Victim Of Your Evil-eyed Beauty
I'm The Executioner Of Own Life
I long For Your Heart With The Silence
And I Wanna Be The Blood On Your Lips
And Drink From
The Bottomless Cup Of Oblivion

The Ground Of Cold Lethe
Slowly Sepulchres
Fragments Of My Thoughts
On The Way In The Underground
There's The Most Beautiful Choir
Tones Of Salvation
I Accept The Secresy
Of Your Light


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