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Ador Dorath - Symbols (2005) - Rosa

Ador Dorath
Symbols (2005)

„Never doubt the truth of symbols
They are the only things man has
with which to orient himself in the world.“

I thought that I was
On the beginning of a journey
I thought that I understood
The rose in bloom.

Because a Rose is a Rose.
And when I had the secret within the reach
Something inside me became quiet,
I was struck dumb.
„Nothing does not exist“
Sounded in the space

The words were of purple color
And I recollected
That the world was made of fire
There is no need for words
Even though we have read the signs
Even though we deciphered the alphabet
Even though we have revealed the omen
There is no choice but to be silent

„The order that your mind imagines
is like a net, or like a ladder
Built to attain something
But afterwards you must
Throw the ladder away
Because you discover that
Even if it was useful
It was meaningless...
The only things that are useful
Are instruments to be thrown“


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