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Abstract Essence - Lost Life (2004) - Illusion Square

Illusion Square
Abstract Essence
Lost Life (2004)

Closing eyes

You´ve got enough time (to)



You are a chump

Wasting own life

Killing your chance

to be number one

Escape every-day stereotype

Hide before outside world

Find a place where you can try

be yourself without a fuckin´ shame

Where is no duty and cold rain

The key is in your mind

It´s not overcrowded by stuff

Nobody produces any row

Go trough intellectual growth

No intolerance and violence

No terrorising fuckin´ fools

You can make your own rules

Escape from boring reality

Hide behind the mirror of life

Never lost in city´s hive

You´ll have no suckin´ depression

Live by edifying emotions

Never-ending free ride

Opened door to subconscious

Bridge across the stream of thought

Access free, go inside

Look forward to vacation

Pleasure park for all

Access free in everyone

Illusion square

What´s going on in there

Imaging, challenging

Absence of all your pain

Pleasure runs trough your veins


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