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Abscess - punishment & crippled reality (1998) - thrillseeker

punishment & crippled reality (1998)


i don´t want to be a little toothed wheel in your machine
i just want to live in cosmic peace
i would rather be a prince in hell
than To be a slave in your heaven
it seems as if the hole fortune is in the bright light
which drives me,hypnotize me
but it deceives me,blinds me
it´s driving me mad,it´s making me sad
to see the puppets run
behind their sole instructions
of good and evil,of moral codes
settled by some fat man
i´m not randy for your system


it seems as if the hole truth lays in the words
which tell me:"theres nothing to fear,
open your ears open your mind
and hear my laws!!"
it seems as if the world exists
to confine oneself
to the values of its rulers
to feel enslaved
to accept this rip-off of life
one day I´ll come out of the fire
which burns you
to sow your ashes as seed for new
i´ll come out of the fire which burns you
to sow your ashes as seed for new sights






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