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Abscess - punishment & crippled reality (1998) - rescue me

rescue me
punishment & crippled reality (1998)


i´m in a mess in my head
like after thousands of explosions
chaos in my head
i sink in it , drown in it
without a destination
i wander around so slugish
fragments of thoughts circling senseless in my head
without to make a rest
doubts and contradictions
form my deepest fears
they circling and their shaping
this big black wall which imprisoned me


in my head their sits a demon
so crafty and so cruel
he grins and he snarls his teeth
so vigilant he´s watching over me
and if i want to escape
he´s catching me and drags me back
he´s shaking and tormenting me
till i´m too weak to resist
and if he gets satisfaction
he does this only thing
he throws me back
into this big black hole which imprisoned me


rescue me from this wild twister in my head
rescue me from my own lies they´re deceiving me
rescue me show me the way out of disharmony
rescue me from all this fears of my life




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