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Aborted - The Archaic Abattoir (2005) - Hecatomb

The Archaic Abattoir (2005)

As sanity collapses
The final frontier crushed my nerves
A hypocrite piece of shit
Bullshit runs of your tongue like spit

Cowardly you hide
Victim role bribed
Backstabbing head of crud

Manipulative scum
The time has come to meet the saw
Your misery is but one step away
Swing of the hammer
Reap what you have raped

Cavity exposed
I am curious to explore
How its psyche works
Nothing but a worm
The human larvae drowned
Retribution justified

Infuriated with rage
Adrenaline bursts through my veins
Seeing you bleed
The only thing on my mind
Consequences in disregard
Cut out the tongue
Tear the sob apart

With every beat of your heart
Every breath one too much
Cut out the tongue
The only thing on my mind

Sickened by the illusive horror at hand
Loved ones are the next to follow in line
Eradicated for breeding an infertile worm
Larvae of man
An entire bloodline faced its end
Cunts from the womb shall be torn
Revenge stained red
The hecatomb

Incoming rage
The epitome of your fate
Climax of unbecoming
A stained red
Retributive rape




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