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The Visitors (1981)
Song [9] Video Rating
The Visitorsvideoklip2.8
Head Over Heelsvideoklip2.5
When All Is Said And Donevideoklip2.9
I Let The Music Speakvideoklip2.4
One Of Usvideoklip2.3
Two For The Price Of Onevideoklip2.1
Slipping Through My Fingersvideoklip3.2
Like An Angel Passing Through My Roomvideoklip2.2
Super Trouper (1980)
Song [10] Video Rating
Super Troupervideoklip3.8
The Winner Takes It Allvideoklip3
On And On And Onvideoklip2.1
Andante, Andantevideoklip2.4
Me and Ivideoklip2.1
Happy New Yearvideoklip2.3
Our Last Summervideoklip3.1
The piper2.2
Lay all your love on mevideoklip3
The Way Old Friends Dovideoklip2.3
Voulez-Vous (1979)
Song [10] Video Rating
As Good As Newvideoklip2.1
I Have A Dreamvideoklip3.5
The King Has Lost His Crown2.1
Does Your Mother Knowvideoklip2.6
If It Wasn't For The Nightsvideoklip2.2
Lovers (Live A Little Longer)videoklip2
Kisses Of Fire2.3
ABBA - The Album (1977)
Song [9] Video Rating
Take a chance on mevideoklip2.6
One man, one womanvideoklip2
The name of the gamevideoklip2.5
Move onvideoklip2.1
Hole in your soulvideoklip2.3
Thank You For The Musicvideoklip2.5
I wonder (departure)videoklip1.9
I'm a marionettevideoklip2.1
Arrival (1976)
Song [7] Video Rating
When I Kissed The Teachervideoklip2.2
Dancing Queenvideoklip3.3
My Love My Life2.2
Dum Dum Diddle2.5
Knowing Me Knowing Youvideoklip2.3
Money Money Moneyvideoklip3.1
Why Did It Have To Be Mevideoklip2
ABBA (1975)
Song [11] Video Rating
Mamma miavideoklip4.1
Hey, hey Helenvideoklip2.1
Tropical Lovelandvideoklip2.1
Man in the middle2.1
I do, I do, I do, I do, I dovideoklip2.3
Rock me2.2
Intermezzo no. 10
I`ve Been Waiting For Youvideoklip2.3
So long2
Waterloo (1974)
Song [10] Video Rating
Sitting In The Palmtree1.8
King Kong Songvideoklip2.2
Hasta Mananavideoklip2.2
My Mama Saidvideoklip2
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)videoklip2.1
Honey Honeyvideoklip3.3
What About Livingstonevideoklip1.9
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong1.8
Suzy Hang-a-round1.8
Ring Ring (1973)
Song [12] Video Rating
Ring Ringvideoklip2.2
Another town, another trainvideoklip1.7
People need lovevideoklip1.8
I saw it in the mirrorvideoklip1.8
Nina, pretty ballerinavideoklip1.9
Love isn`t easy ( But it sure is hard enough )1.7
Me and Bobby and Bobby`s brother1.5
He is your brother2.1
She`s my kind of girlvideoklip1.9
I am just a girlvideoklip1.9
Rock'n'Roll bandvideoklip1.9

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