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Cast In Steel (2015)
Song [13] Video Rating
Cast in Steel2.4
Under the Makeup2.2
The Wake2.4
Forest Fire2.5
Objects in the Mirror2.7
Door Ajar2.6
Living at the Edge of the World2.7
She's Humming a Tune2.5
Shadow Endeavors2.4
Giving up the Ghost2.1
Goodbye Thompson2.7
The End Of The Affair2.3
Analogue (2005)
Song [13] Video Rating
Don't Do Me Any Favourvideoklip2
Cosy Prisonsvideoklip2
Over The Treetops2.1
Halfway Through The Tour2
The Fine Blue Line1.9
Keeper Of The Flame2.1
Make It Soonvideoklip2.1
White Dwarfvideoklip2.1
The Summers Of Our Youthvideoklip2
Lifelines (2002)
Song [15] Video Rating
You Wanted Morevideoklip2.1
Forever Not Yoursvideoklip2.1
There's A Reason For Itvideoklip2
Time And Againvideoklip2.1
Did Anyone Approach You?videoklip2.2
Afternoon Highvideoklip2.1
Oranges On Appletrees1.9
A Little Bitvideoklip1.9
Less Than Purevideoklip2.1
Turn The Lights Downvideoklip2
Cannot Hide2
White Canvasvideoklip2.2
Minor Earth / Major Sky (2000)
Song [13] Video Rating
Minor Earth / Major Sky1.8
Little Black Heartvideoklip1.9
Summer Moved On2
The Sun Never Shone That Dayvideoklip1.6
To Let You Winvideoklip1.9
The Company Manvideoklip2
Thought That It Was You1.8
I Wish I Caredvideoklip2
Barely Hanging Onvideoklip1.9
You'll Never Get Over Mevideoklip2
I Won't Forget Hervideoklip1.9
Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count1.8
Memorial Beach (1993)
Song [10] Video Rating
Dark Is The Night For Allvideoklip1.8
Move To Memphisvideoklip2
Cold As Stone2.2
Angel In The Snowvideoklip2
Lie Down In Darknessvideoklip1.8
How Sweet It Wasvideoklip2.1
Lamb To The Slaughtervideoklip2
Between Your Mama And Yourselfvideoklip2
Memorial Beachvideoklip1.9
East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon (1990)
Song [11] Video Rating
Crying In The Rainvideoklip1.8
Early Morningvideoklip1.8
I Call Your Namevideoklip1.8
Slender Framevideoklip1.8
Eeast Of The Sunvideoklip1.6
Sycamore Leaves1.8
Waiting For Her1.8
Cold Rivervideoklip1.9
The Way We Talk1.7
Rolling Thundervideoklip1.6
(Seemingly) Nonstop July1.7
Stay On These Roads (1988)
Song [10] Video Rating
Stay On These Roads2
The Blood That Moves The Bodyvideoklip1.8
This Alone Is Love1.8
Hurry Home2
The Living Daylights1.9
There's Never A Forever Thingvideoklip1.9
Out Of Blue Comes Greenvideoklip1.7
You Are The Onevideoklip1.6
You'll End Up Cryingvideoklip1.8
Scoundrel Days (1986)
Song [10] Video Rating
Scoundrel Daysvideoklip1.9
The Swing Of Things1.9
I've Been Loosing Youvideoklip1.8
Manhattan Skylinevideoklip1.8
Cry Wolfvideoklip1.9
We're Looking For The Whales1.9
The Weight Of The Wind1.8
Maybe, Maybevideoklip1.9
Soft Rains Of April1.7
Hunting High And Low (1985)
Song [10] Video Rating
Take On Mevideoklip2.1
Train Of Thoughtvideoklip1.8
Hunting High And Lowvideoklip1.9
The Blue Skyvideoklip1.8
Living A Boy's Adventure Tale1.7
The Sun Always Shines On T.V.videoklip1.9
And You Tell Mevideoklip1.8
Love Is Reasonvideoklip1.8
I Dream Myself Alivevideoklip1.9
Here I Stand And Face The Rain1.7

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