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4LYN - Compadres (2005) - Chosen

Compadres (2005)

Not a single day goes by
without a million questions,
a million guesses and "YES SIR'S".
Just because they don't know
and you won't invest in what the rest did.
so they're questionin' you.
That's he best they can do
to keep you down.
Like a merry - go - round you go around and around and around
like a clown! WHAT?
Something s wrong with the system you're in and they're gonna
make you feel that you can resist in there.
If you believe everything they say
If you want to be safe, then STAY INSIDE OF YOUR CAVE
and BREAK ALL THE PROMISES that you gave to yourself!

If you believe everything they say
All your chances will fade away.
But if you see and hear with your heart,
you'll be CHOSEN to tear them apart,

Like a king without a crown you run around.
You're diften with a gift but a captain without a ship.
Givin' it all up is no option for you.
So do the best you can do
and you will see there'll be a breakthrough.
What do you want?
That's all you need to know!
Just get yourself together and your ass is on the roll.
HELLYEAH! Just step on or you'll get stepped
Or you'll get wrekked on ...
Until they've got you trapped, son!
What do you want?
What do you want?
What do you want?
What do you want?
What do you want?
What do you want?



Once in a while there is a time
When I look up and I don't even try
to understand what kinda man I am,
'cuz I got masterplans!
Nice and easy that's not me!
See me, I am the PHOENIX IN BLAKK!
R. o. n. i. - so don't even try
to hit me cuz I may hit you bakk!
People are tellin' the wikkedest things.
The bigger the mouth- the shorter the strings
that holdin 'em bakk that makin 'em dance.
And this is a fact I don't understand
Why should I care about their opinion?
Why do they try to hold me down?
Is it because they know I can do much better than them
when I'm comin around?
If I come by, then I come alone ...
Alone with nothing but a microphone!
I'm able to rokk and I'm able to roll
with blood and sweat and tears and soul!
When I do what I do best,
then you're gotta know that I spit on the rest,
I'm puttin 'em bakk on mama's breast ...
That's what you get when you're fukkin' with BRASKO ... Champion!


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